Brother’s In Grime continues to grow at a steady pace working in and around Saskatoon. BIG will continue to add leading edge equipment to its fleet as it becomes necessary to maintain BIG’s level of service and professionalism. Brother’s in Grime specializes in four areas; Mold, Water Damage, Fire Damage and Carpet and Upholstery. BIG technicians are certified by The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC). Here at BIG, we currently operate a state of the art carpet cleaning truck commonly referred to as a truck mount steam cleaner, as well as, a top of the line portable extractor for use in high-rises and hard to get places. BIG offers 7 days a week service with 24 hour emergency call out services for floods, sewer backups, or stains.

Who we are?

Brothers In Grime Cleaning And Restoration Inc owners Mark Pfeifer and Mike Scarfe have been serving the Saskatoon area with an array of services for several years. Brothers In Grime carpet Cleaning was first opened in 2002 by Mark Pfeifer, seeing a need in the industry for a company that would offer a more personalized service, Mark endeavored to bring a service to the city that would stand above the rest. Brothers In Grime Carpet Cleaning grew rapidly and became a company known to consumers as a trustworthy and knowledgeable outfit. Mike Scarfe had worked for several carpet cleaning companies before starting Mike’s Professional Carpet Care in 1999, Mike had similar values as Mark when it came to professionalism and how they wanted to stand above the competition and be more serviceable to there customers. Both Mike and Mark had experienced tremendous growth with there companies and the time had come for both of them to grow in order to continue serving there customers proficiently. Mark and Mike had already been working together for a number of years and in 2009 they decided to officially merge there resources. Brothers In Grime Cleaning And Restoration Inc was formed after the merge was completed and the two have seen a steady rate of growth and have expanded greatly in to the restoration and remediation fields. True to there roots the the two have remained dedicated to the customer base that they started out with and as they continued to grow they have hired staff memebers that have the same values and respect for customers as they do. Brothers In Grime is a local firm that can be counted on every time by consumers that are looking for a more personal and honest approach to doing business. Call your local disaster relief specialists today.

Mike Scarfe         Mark Pfeifer