Dry Ice Blasting Services in Saskatoon, SK

Dry ice blasting can be used in many situations to clean tough filth without leaving behind any moisture. It is ideal for mold removal and equipment clean-up.

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Dry Ice Cleaning Services

  • mold removal
  • graffitti removal
  • engine cleaning
  • metal restoration
  • machinery cleaning

Better for the Environment

Dry ice blasting is a clean solution that does not add toxins to the environment. There is no secondary waste from solvents, cleaning agents, etc. The dry ice disappears immediately, and is very effective at cleaning many kinds of debris, filth, scale, rust and more.


No Carbon Footprint

Dry ice blast cleaning uses dry ice pellets created using a process with liquid carbon dioxide (CO2). The dry ice is a byproduct of other industrial processes made when reclaimingCO2. The process does not produce CO2 or add CO2 to the atmosphere.

Upon impact, the dry ice creates a micro-thermal shock which destroys the bond between the coating of filth and the substrate. The high pressure stream of air removes the material from the surface, while the dry Ice pellets vaporize, leaving only the removed debris to be cleaned, creating absolutely no secondary waste.


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