Mold Growth in Attics – Beware!

Regina mold removal in atticsMold spores need water or humidity to multiply and grow. Attics oftentimes are overlooked as a place where there might be mold because they’re out of sight and, generally, hot and dry. When mold infests an attic it lives inside the sheathing, or insulation material. Because the sheathing is in between the interior and exterior walls it is very difficult to detect, and sometimes it goes unnoticed until it’s too late.

Home insulation keeps cold air out and warm air in during the wintertime. The reverse is true in the summer. Insulation keeps cool air inside the home while pushing away warm air. This contrast in temperatures, warm and cool, causes condensation, making an otherwise dry attic humid and moist.

As experts in Regina mold removal, we’ve seen our fair share of mold in attics. We’ve compiled a quick guide to help you protect your attic against mold and to determine if you have a mold problem in your attic.

Increase Air Movement in the Attic

Air movement helps combat condensation, which is the chief source of moisture in attics. Adding more vents on the roof is a way to bring fresh air in and out of attics. An attic fan can also help keep the attic free of dust and debris. Ensure that the soffits are free of debris or obstructions, as that may cause restricted air movement in your attic.

Check Bathroom and Dryer Vents

Moist air from bathroom ceiling fans and dryer vents should be pushed outside directly from the ceiling fan unit and dryer to the outdoors. If improperly installed, the air escape may be in the attic, which can bring moisture into the attic.

Unfinished Attics and Wood

Mold spores feed on dirt, dust, and moisture. Unfinished attics are dusty. Routinely dust the attic and check wood boards for any sign of mold spores.

Where Can I Get Help?

Mold is hazardous to your health and that of your family, not to mention it can cause considerable damage to property. If you suspect that there is mold growing in your house, contact Brothers in Grime, experts in Regina mold removal, to schedule a home mold inspection.


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