How to Prevent Moisture and Mold in the Bathroom at Your Cabin

mold in the bathroomCabins can be beautiful, but they can also be moist. And, moisture is the enemy of any home, because moisture often facilitates mold growth. Moisture and mold are especially common in bathrooms. However, you don’t have to fear that your moist bathroom will cause mold growth, because there are several ways to prevent both things from happening. The number one way is simply to keep the bathrooms in your cabin dry.  Luckily, achieving a mostly dry and mold-free bathroom is as simple following a few steps.

Check for Moisture

Checking for moisture in your bathroom may seem counterintuitive, but it’s a necessary step in preventing mold. For example, cold water pipes should be checked for condensation during the spring and summer. Fittings and pipes should also be checked for possible leakage. Even the smallest amount of moisture can cause major mold problems. So, leaking pipes and fittings should be fixed immediately and ‘sweating’ pipes should be insulated.

Use an Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans are the most common way to ventilate a bathroom. They’re highly effective for keeping moist areas dry and preventing or reducing mold growth. These fans simply move moisture from the inside to the outside, thus removing any chance of moisture buildup. Just remember to run the fan for at least 30 minutes after a shower or any activity that might cause dampness in the bathroom.

Consider Installing a Toilet Mixing Valve or Tank Liner

It’s common to see condensation on a toilet tank. However, an anti-sweat mixing valve can reduce this occurrence. Mixing valves send a mixture of hot and cold water to the tank instead of just cold water, thus reducing ‘sweating’. You can also install a tank liner in addition to the mixing valve.

Tank liners are inserted into toilet tanks to insulate the porcelain against cold tank water, which effectively reduces condensation. You can have this professionally installed or simply replace your old toilet with one that comes with a tank liner. Tank liners and mixing valves can be used together to combat condensation and mold, or apart, for the same purposes. Either way, you’ll be preventing potential moisture and mold.

What if You Find Mold?

If, despite all your efforts to prevent mold growth, you still find mold, your best course of action is to call a cabin mold removal specialist. Mold can ruin the health of your home and its inhabitants, so if you suspect it, you should call experts like Brothers in Grime for immediate mold removal. Professional remediation is the only way to remove mold from your cabin completely and prevent it from coming back. Remember that specialists use special commercial vacuums and remediation techniques to remove mold and to stop it from reemerging.

If, when you open your cabin for the summer, you discover mold, give us a call for prompt and professional service.