Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is a Worthwhile Investment for Dog Owners

Dogs and carpet cleaningIt’s common knowledge that people love dogs. However, it’s also common knowledge that dogs require a lot of maintenance. They make big messes, and are especially a threat to furniture and carpeting.

Dogs are known to roll on, slide across, vomit on and urinate on carpets. So, if you own a dog and have carpeting in your home, it’s important that you consider investing in professional carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning is the best way to remove stains, odours and pet hair from your carpet, extending the life of your flooing.

Removes Urine and Vomit Stains

Dogs are messy and can easily stain your carpet. Not only can they track dirt onto it, they can also vomit or urinate on it. Vomit and urine are bio-hazards that must be properly cleaned immediately. Plus, they’re unsightly, hard to remove and unsanitary. They can’t be cleaned with simple household cleaners. Not to mention, liquids like urine soak deeper into your carpet fibres when you press down to clean them.

When your dog urinates or vomits on your carpet, your best course of action is to call a service like Brothers in Grime to have it professionally steam cleaned. Steam cleaning is the only way to properly remove these types of stains and to sanitize and deodorize your carpeting.

Removes Bad Odours

Dogs are just as notorious for leaving odours as they are for leaving stains. Dog odours can be disruptive and hard to get rid of. It’s a mistake to try to mask them with deodorizers or shampoos. Deodorizers mask odours and leave behind stain-causing residue while shampoos generally shrink carpeting. Steam cleaning is the surefire way to combat pet odours and get rid of any bad smells they’ve already left behind.

Removes Dog Hair

Carpets seem to be magnets for pet hair, and dogs shed hair often. This hair can stick to your carpeting and become embedded in the fibres. Cleaning it with a powerful vacuum may seem convenient and effective, but it’s actually harmful and ineffective. Non-commercial vacuums can cause hair to become more embedded into carpet fibres.

Professional steam cleaners are outfitted with powerful suction systems that simultaneously suck hair out of the carpeting while cleaning and sanitizing. Employing a Saskatoon carpet cleaning expert like Brothers in Grime, will ensure dog hair is properly removed during the cleaning process.

Are you ready to breathe new life into your carpeting? Give us a call and let’s schedule your carpet cleaning!