Carpet Cleaning Myths

carpet cleaning mythsCarpet is popular flooring that’s often selected because it’s comfortable and versatile. However, it’s also famous for being difficult to clean. Worst of all, many carpet cleaning tricks are actually detrimental to carpet and don’t actually clean or remove stains. Because these tricks don’t actually work, they’re more accurately categorized as myths.

These myths are the reason many people live with improperly cleaned carpeting, believe that it’s high maintenance and just want to get rid of it.  However, busting these myths can help you avoid cleaning mistakes and keep your flooring clean and looking and feeling great.

Myth 1: All Professional Cleaners are Created Equal

It’s a common belief that all professional carpet cleaners are the same, no matter the cost. That’s just not true. Most likely, the cheapest cleaners won’t provide the same level of service as more expensive ones. Unfortunately, many cheap services don’t have the equipment or training to do the job correctly, and your carpet can be left looking dirtier than it was before.

Myth 2: Carpets Only Need to be Cleaned When They’re Stained

Dirt and dust buildup in your carpet isn’t always apparent, meaning that it might not show up as noticeable stains. Grime can become deeply embedded in carpet fibres, causing it to be dirtier than it appears. So, you should get a professional carpet cleaning at least once a year – twice if you have pets and heavy foot traffic.

Myth 3: New Carpet Should Only be Cleaned After a Few Years of Use

Once again, just because your carpet hides dirt well doesn’t mean it’s clean. A new carpet that isn’t cleaned for a few years will be incredibly dirty and unsanitary. New carpeting is no more protected or safe than old carpeting, and it can still cause respiratory problems, skin irritation and bacterial infection. Besides that, dirt acts as an abrasive, which can wear your new carpet out prematurely, cause fading and cause it to lose fibre protection.

Myth 4: You Don’t Need to Hire a Professional Cleaner if You Have Your Own Machine

This is one of the most common carpet cleaning myths. Non-commercial cleaning machines are great for routine and spot cleaning, but inefficient for deep cleaning. They don’t have the suction power of the commercial steam cleaners used by professionals, and improperly dried carpet can lead to the formation of mold and mildew. Not to mention that while non-commercial machines can loosen stains, dirt residue will remain. Your carpet should be steam cleaned routinely by a professional.

Whether you have a carpet cleaning emergency or are just in need of a good deep cleaning, give Brothers in Grime a call and schedule an appointment.