Mold Testing and Air Quality Testing


Mike is here to help you with your mold inspection and air quality inspection. With over 7 years of mold remediation experience and extensive training, Mike can quickly assess your situation and ensure that all of the testing is submitted accurately and quickly.

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Mold Inspections

Our thorough and extensive mold inspectionand mold testing service ensures all mold contamination’s are found, identified, and professionally assessed. Even hidden mold can be discovered and isolated so proper treatment recommendations can be made. Once an assessment is complete, mold and air samples are analyzed by an accredited third party laboratory, and a detailed report is prepared.  A post mold testing consultation is also provided to ensure a thorough understanding of results and recommendations made. As professional consultants, our customers and the validity of our results are our main priority.  In addition to sampling and testing for mold, we are equipped to remove any mold problems. Testing is one thing, but to have years of real world experience detecting and removing mold gives you a more well rounded answer to your problem.


Air Quality Testing

Indoor air pollution is one risk that you can do something about!.  Studies have shown  that the air we breath in our homes or business is sometimes more polluted than the air outside. This is a contributing factor to a condition known as “sick building syndrome”. But how do your combat something that you can’t see?  Our thorough air quality testing assessments work to uncover hidden contaminants that may be hiding within your air and have the ability to cause illness or discomfort to building occupants. Poor indoor air quality can impact your health, comfort and well being, so we devise a testing plan designed to help keep you safe and healthy! Let our team of certified air quality testing experts help you make an informed decision about your indoor air quality. Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about the various testing plans and packages that we offer!


Who Needs Our Services?

If you see visible mold, have a musty smell within your home or place of business, suspect water damage or have had a flood, are looking to conduct renovations on an older building, or are looking to purchase a new home or commercial facility, we can help! The team of professionals at Informed Decisions strives to keep our customers safe, and helps them breathe easier by providing mold assessments, mold inspection, air testing and environmental testing services that are unbiased, scientifically backed, and free from any conflict of interest. As industry leaders, we work to ensure your health and safety through an honest and professional service. We provide the information needed to restore your home or workplace to a safe and healthy environment.  If your are experiencing symptoms with no apparent physical source, your environment may be the culprit. Call us today!