Saskatoon Mold Removal – Mold Facts Video

Mike Scarfe of Brothers In Grime Cleaning & Restoration Inc. provides some insight into mold. He also discusses some unknown facts and common myths about mold.


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In this video, Mike is asked several questions about mold removal training, common myths about mold and when home owners can clean up mold on their own.


Saskatoon Mold Removal VIDEO SCRIPT:


Question: What Training does BIG have in mold remediation?thecleantrust-color


MIKE: The training involved with the IICRC covers everything from identifying the mold issues to the proper containment before the removal is done, to protecting the home during the removal process from cross contamination. The biggest risk is cross contamination. If you have a mold issue in one room and you don’t put the proper parameters in and environmental controls, you take that problem from that section of the home and spread it throughout the rest of the home.


Question: Can’t I just clean my mold with bleach?


Saskatoon-Mold-Removal-MikeMIKE: Cleaning with bleach is the oldest myth surrounding mold. Bleach does what it does, it bleaches color and hides things, so bleach is an anti-bacterial cleaner. Mold is made up of both a bacteria and a micro-organism. A mold spore contains a hyphae (the bug) and a melanin compound (color). By taking bleach and wiping a substrate (surface) that has mold, you’re getting rid of its color, it’s melanin compound. So the problem with that is that the hyphae which is alive and breathing. over time that hyphae regenerates and produces another melanin compound with color. You’ve probably heard people say, “I keep bleaching this spot, but it keeps coming back.” … and that’s why. In order to remove it permanently, you need to get in behind the substrate and remove the source.


Question: Do all mold cases require extreme mold removal?


MIKE: Not all mold cases require extreme removal, and if they don’t we just explain to the homeowner how they can do it without spending thousands of dollars. They don’t all need professional remediation, but they all need someone to explain to them the difference.


Question: What are potential health concerns related to mold?


MIKE: Higher elevations of certain types of mold, stachybotrys being the worst out there, can affect people with immune deficiencies, infants with underdeveloped lungs, or people with asthma/allergies especially are affected. Most side effects to every type of mold is type 1 hay fever and then we go an fix it and they say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can breath again!”.

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