Saskatoon Mold Removal

All of the technicians at Brothers In Grime are trained in the detection and remediation of mold in your home.  Mold removal is something that we take very seriously at Brothers In Grime and that is why we are the preferred mold removal service in Saskatoon.

When it comes to mold remediation, not every type is serious and can sometimes be taken care of with a surface cleaning. However, some types are very serious and that is where we come in to help you ensure your home is safe. Simply fill out the form on the right for no obligation pricing for your treatment and remediation, and we will get back to you with information on the mold inspection, treatment and cleaning that’s required, all at a fair price. Brothers In Grime is a trusted mold cleaner and has been providing Saskatoon mold removal for several years and has many satisfied customers.





Often times mold damage is discovered when performing a renovation. Give us a call and we can swing by to let you know if it’s serious or not. Sometimes, it’s just a surface issue and doesn’t require professional mold cleanup, but sometimes you’re property and health are at serious risk of damage and there’s no other way to minimize the risk than by hiring a professional cleaner for a mold cleaning.

Mold Stachybotrys

Higher elevations of certain types of mold, stachybotrys being the worst out there, can affect people with immune deficiencies, infants with underdeveloped lungs, or people with asthma/allergies are especially are affected. If and when you discover it, it’s vital that you call in a trained team for a thorough inspection and appropriate mold treatment.