Water Damage Restoration

When it comes to water damage cleanup, nobody tops Brothers In Grime in Saskatoon! We use state-of-the-art equipment for drying and controlling the humidity in your damaged home or business. Unless humidity is properly managed, additional damage may occur to items within the building and to the structure itself. Structures that are not dried out quickly and properly following a flood can also become a feeding ground for mold growth. A professional cleanup is required to prevent future headaches.

Brothers In Grime uses powerful van mounted vacuum technology to remove water from all flooring, including wood, carpet, tile, vinyl or cement, after a flood or other water seepage. Then, as part of our flood damage restoration process, we thoroughly dry all exposed surfaces, and remove all materials that may have been damaged beyond repair. An important step in the repair process is properly removing and disposing of exposed materials. Our water mitigation technicians are fully trained and certified by the Clean Trust. After extraction and drying, the reconstruction team at Brothers In Grime can bid on the rebuild job. Our goal is to put your home or business that has experienced water damage back to its original condition as quickly as possible, while ensuring the work is done thoroughly and completely. A quality cleanup and restoration service from start to finish!

Wet Drywall removed in flood basementWet MDF baseboard from floodDryout Equip in action




Water Damage? Trust the Experts!

Sometimes we run into situations where people have tried to clean up and repair flood or water seepage problems on their own. We highly recommend against this as it is almost impossible to remove all of the moisture and damage without the proper equipment. We have cameras that can sense moisture through walls and all of the necessary water extraction equipment and dehumidifier equipment required. All of this equipment and other tools are necessary for a thorough water damage repair.