Disinfectant Fogging to Kill Germs, Bacteria and Viruses


If you are concerned about viruses & bacteria in the workplace, you may want to consider Disinfectant Fogging.

This method is proven to kill 99.9% of germs. Some viruses are known to last up to 5 days on some surfaces. This method will help clean the air and the surfaces of your workplace.

With the announcement of reopening Saskatchewan in phases. We are offering a solution to increase safety in the workplace for all.

As a special incentive to help get the word out to more businesses. And to encourage more safety across Saskatoon….

We are running a Contest! We are running a draw to allow two winners to receive a $50 Gift Card each to any local business of their choice in Saskatoon. To be entered in the draw, you simply have to comment the name of someone who owns or manages a building that would want to see this post. You may enter yourself if you like.

Thank you Saskatchewan for being so pro-active during these times. We are in this together.

The Brothers in Grime.

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Disclaimer: We are in no way stating that this product will kill Covid-19 as there is not enough information to conclude that in these short timeframes. However it has been found that Benefect will kill other viruses. Including Tuberculosis and HIV. For Product details, please check our suppliers webpage: Benefact


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Mold, trauma scenes and fire or water damage all require professional cleanup, despite what some companies may try to tell you. To ensure mold is removed from a property safely and completely, for instance, you need professionally trained and experienced cleaners with specialized equipment. Smoke and water damage can be permanent, unless you hire someone with the knowledge and skills necessary to fully restore your property and belongings. Cleaning and restoration requires professional training.

But even seemingly routine cleaning tasks, like carpet cleaning, require a high level of skill and the right equipment to be done properly. Trust the BIG team of experts in Saskatoon to handle all cleaning and repair jobs, no matter how straightforward or challenging, with precision.


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When disaster strikes and you’re faced with water damage from flooding or discover mold in your home or business, depend on the BIG team to respond quickly, ready and equipped to handle all of your cleanup and removal needs. Whether it’s a trauma scene, water damage at a business, or a household carpet cleaning job, you can expect nothing but the highest standards of professionalism and courteous, efficient service from the BIG crew. Our reputation as one of the area’s most reputable cleaning and restoration companies is due in part to our unbeatable customer service.

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